by Bruno Muñoz Serrano from Universidad Camilo José Cela - School of Architecture and Technology, Spain
Tutored by: Miguel Ángel Díaz Camacho

Author comments:

The project starts with the necessity of developing an urbanism able to face the current predicament in the suburbs of Madrid, particularly in Usera district. Apart from the high unemployment and isolation rate, we cope with a profound social and physical separation with the City Center, mostly due to the high number of bordering infrastructures.

For that reason our project, placed on the banks of the Manzanares River, amongst the physical borders stablished by "La Caja Mágica" and the old water treatment plant of "La China" (imminent dismantling), tries to create an atmosphere of continuity based firstly on the extension of the "Madrid Río" on the border of the "Nudo Sur" and, secondly, on the exploitation of preexisting infrastructures through social programes including leisure venues provided with aquatic activities.

The proposal stands up for the social and dignifying character of aquatic activities, historically separated from humble social environments and mostly kept for practice of sports or private use. The aim is to obtain cohesion and character, key elements in a welfare society able to live side by side in the urban ecosystem of Madrid.

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