Dodoši - The "House" Of The Skadar Lake's Park

by Francesco Maria Mastandrea, Loredana Basile, Michela Cordisco, Valentina Vurro from Politecnico di Bari, Italy
Tutored by: Prof. Arch. Francesco Defilippis

Author comments:

Dodoši is a lakeside village in the northern shores of Skadar Lake in Montenegrian land; today it is almost uninhabited village for many factors, including the lack of a direct connection with neighbouring villages, lack of first-aid services, accommodation facilities and the strong seasonal variation of the lake's water level, which makes the coast’s homes inaccessible; the project aims to recover and re-functionalize the village. The interest for this area was born from the strong naturalistic values and in the architectural characteristics of this place, also for its "door" vocation of the Cetinje region. The project assumes a strong symbolic value, proposing the construction of the "House of the Skadar Lake’s Park", a "castle" in acropolis position which could be a container for the history and representative functions of the Park. The forms derive and evoke the ancient Montenegrin castles, located on the top of the promontory on which the others settlement are built. The project is completed on an urban scale through the restoration and reuse of old fishermen's houses on the coastline of the village, structures now in abandonment, but with artistic and architectural high value, which will be appropriately restored and destined to be accommodation structures in the type of diffused hotel, to allow the tourist to enjoy the wonder of the Park. The project also provides the addition of a cycle track with bike sharing and a local bus line that connect it to nearby villages.

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