Competition Rules – 2017 Edition


English is the official language of the EUROPEAN ARCHITECTURAL MEDALS FOR THE BEST DIPLOMA PROJECTS competition.


The European Architectural Medals for the best Diploma Projects is an European competition open to students:


Each participant will fill in an online registration form.

The submitted files MUST NOT contain identifying information. There should be NO student name, NO tutor name, NO school name anywhere in the uploaded files.

Registration procedure

Note, if you are a student: your school might not know about the competition. If you want to participate, point them here.

Each Architecture School designates two Best Diploma Projects.

The school representative will send a message to with:

A simple text message will do; please do not attach any files.

In case of team diploma projects, only one student may upload the project on the competition platform.

The competition organizers will enable student access to the online platform in at most 48 hours and will notify the student to register and upload the files.

This concludes the registration procedure.

The students will NOT receive confirmation of their registration by email. The simple upload process on the platform will confirm sucessful registration by displaying a screen message.

Entry format

The competition will provide an online platform for the students to upload:

All TIFF files should be saved with LZW compression.

Besides the files, the students will fill an online form with:

The organizers will print the selected projects on A1 (594×841 mm) panels at a resolution of 150 dpi.

The project description will be printed separately (see an example)


  1. By filling in the online registration form all participants: agree with the competition rules and agenda certify the Architecture School endorsement for the competition entry express affidavit of originality and copyright statement
  2. Architecture schools that send more than 2 (two) Best Diploma Projects are disqualified and their corresponding entries are removed from the online platform.
  3. Failure to comply with of the competition deadlines, rules, format and language disqualifies automatically the entry.
  4. None of the Final Jury members nor the 2017 Competition Team members may tutor an entry that is submitted in this competition edition.