Temporary Sport Centers

by Máté Pálfy from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Architecture, Hungary
Tutored by: Hőnich Richárd Dla

Author comments:

My graduation project is about sports, communities, health and urban living. Walking around Budapest we can find many under-utilized lots, which are used as parking places, or just kept closed from people. My plan/project shows, how we can use these places, and let citizents to use their living area optimally.

I think sport is essential in our socitety, first of all it keeps us healthy, on the other hand it builds community and new friendships.

So the project is a kind of building, which can be built on the empty lots. After the lots get a new function, the building can be moved to another place.

The main building of the edifice is a scaffolding system (Layher system) that allows quick construction and rapid demolition. Closed items (dressing rooms, wet blocks) are made of containers and polycarbonate masonry. The building materials used during the construction can be recycled at a new building, or - if the demand ceases- be sold.

The first element is the "fence", to serve the inner courtyard and to protect it. The second element is the „ground” itself, which is used according to the creativity of visitors. The main unit in the area is the sport center, which is intended to fully serve the sporting needs. The „climbing wall” stands as a symbol of the sports center.

Various alternative energy sources have been installed to support the system. For example, the platio system, the pavegan system, and the power generating machines.

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