shortlisted project

LIMIT AS MEMORY - Rehabilitation of a street as part of a new urban park with its historical links to the city

by Marcelo Cardia from Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade de Lisboa (FAUL), Portugal
Tutored by: Nuno Mateus

Author comments:

Considering the actual state of the city, the present work reaffirms the
necessity of consolidation of the urban areas resulting from the city
expansion.The fragmentation of this spaces constitutes, in this reflexion,
the opportunity to rethink the mending of the urban tissues in Rio Seco
Valley, which is characterized nowadays by unnatural appropriations
of the topography of the place. The regeneration of the green element,
with the definition of a urban park around the river, it’s seen as a macro
urban hypothesis. It appears as an idea of continuity of the ecological
structure and the sew of the city in this area.
Inserted in this urban proposal, the developed project proposes the
consolidation of rua do Sítio ao Casalinho which frames a “bridge”
between two green elements here in dialog: The new Urban Park of
Rio Seco and Tapada da Ajuda.
It investigates a hypothesis of intervention in the given street. Tries to
answer to the functional aspects of the local demand, as well as the
social aspects and the concept of the limit of the public space. In this
sense, these aspects pretend to associate to the specific Lisbon identity
and to stimulate memory and the dialog between this place and its
In the framework of the requalification theme, it is intended to
approach forms of adaptation of new buildings to the pre-existences in
the densification of the city, marking one possible way of intervening in
the problematic of the current urban voids.

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