Congress Center and Hotel İn Levent

by İpek Merve Kıralp from Beykent University, Turkey
Tutored by: Prof. Dr. Şengül Öymen Gür, Yrd.Doç.Dr Pınar Öktem Erkaltal

Author comments:

Cities are defined as “place of encountering” that people come together, communicate, interact together and provide socializing. These urban places undertake several social functions included generating consciousness of ownership about living cities by creating a common identity. Public spaces directly can effect public culture which is one of the main elements of urban experience for political, socio-cultural diversity and urban sustainability. Within this context; the aim of this design is to create compatible and inclusive public culture, allow them to be maintained and making a relation between the past, today and future, then turning into a physical space with this sense.Levent is the place of central business district where several shopping malls, transportation centers and residential areas are located. This region is used and experienced pattern all day long with it’s rich program of intense pedestrian flow. The project’s structure is consist of three parts according to existing needs in the immediate vicinity. These places are congress center, congress hotel and library-studios for the students who live in this zone densely. Congress hall is placed in the middle part of the hotel and congress center, thus the visitors day to day and boarding visitors could be seperated. The lack of green areas in this region is tried to be fulfill with the public inviting green ramp and wide yard. As a result, a meeting place was created to appeal to many users.

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