shortlisted project

Proeter Viovem / Beyond Sight

by Anthimos Papapericleous from University of Nicosia, Department of Architecture, Cyprus
Tutored by: Mr. Petros Lapithis, Mrs. Eleonore Zippelius, Mrs. Markella Menikou

Author comments:

Proeter Viovem / Beyond What the Eye can See (Sight)

Amiantos, once a mining industry area and an important community, has now been abandoned and neglected like most brownfield sites.
In order to understand what is really needed for the site it was necessary to meticulously observe and document the different layers of information regarding the existing conditions found on site and the nearby environment so that the proposal could be truly site driven and relevant.
The proposal aims at three different major goals; the environmental restoration of the damaged site, the historical preservation of the site and reuse of existing buildings, and the reactivation of the area through a proposed programme narrative. The programmes of grapes pressing industry, a horse riding centre, a museum and temporary living are gradually introduced to the site in various phases in parallel to infrastructural strategies that support the restoration of the brownfield site.

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