shortlisted project

Casa SociAL ANDALUS Social Centre in Cordoba - Archeytpe - Morality - Transparency

by Geronimo Andura from HTWG Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Germany
Tutored by: Prof. Josef Lenz

Author comments:

The Social Center is a public space located in the highly multi-layered town of Córdoba, Spain. A three thousand year old city, with an extreme loyalty to the typology of the patio-house. At a special spot on top of the Roman wall the project shows the interaction between space, time and society. By allowing the meaning of private and public to transform, a new tension in architecture is created. The project manages to integrate the focus of the patio into a meshwork of movements. It is about finding and discussing different needs in time of econ. crisis. The archetype of the patio, allows adaptations to changing content and needs-a fantastic characteristic that it shares with the city. The Design includes a public kitchen, the municipal cinema, the library, the ruins with sanitary facilities, the protection tower, an intergenerational care and the patios, which tie the whole unit together. The house hides its spatial effects inside and also receives a face of a strong plasticity at the outside. This is why the ruin and the existing façade are preserved for the use of main entrance - osmotic filter. Inside, the space is understood as the multi-layered emptiness which is characterized by different patios. Transparency is able to extend the act of perception. The architecture celebrates the disclosure of beauty. Atmospheres and
social cultures are bundled and overlap in a remarkable place and enliven the whole environment.

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