shortlisted project

Petrified Harvest

by Vagias Athanasios, Politopoulou Ilia from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), School of Architecture, Greece
Tutored by: Marda Nelli, Moraitis Constantinos

Author comments:

This ambitious project takes place in the green marble quarries of Tinos Island. These quarries are only found in the northern part of Tinos, concentrated within a radius of one kilometre. Intense sun, rough stone and strong winds are the most striking elements of the natural environment.
Today, mining operations at the green marble mines of Tinos have ceased, since cheaper green marble is imported from China and Pakistan. Due to the cessation of mining, we propose as a first design phase an experiential network of cultural, informative and leisure installations through the regeneration of the spaces that used to operate as marble quarries. This network will be an extension of the Museum of Marble Crafts of the prestigious Pyrgos village. At the second design phase we focus on the end of the marble mine network, proposing a detailed revival scheme of Achini and Thalassa quarries. The extraordinary spatial qualities of these quarries drew our attention from the very beginning, leading to the creation of an open air theatre, a wind-protected swimming area and a coffee shop-restaurant.
Our proposal respects the history of this part of the island, even though its status has been altered - the quarries are transformed into a vivid space defining culture, entertainment and education. Thus, the abandoned northern part of Tinos reclaims its importance, emphasizes its character and becomes available to the public.

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