International airport Balti-Leadoveni

by Denis Caunov from Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty, Moldova
Tutored by: Moraru Ion

Author comments:

The first thing that meets tourists and creates an impression of the country is the airport. Development of the state and the comfort of citizens requires connection with the outside world, and the airport performs this function.
Quite recently people felt their superiority over nature, but the 21st century proved the importance of human connection with the environment. It is important to find a person's place in nature, but not to cross the boundary. The airport project, despite its technological and scale, does not compete with the natural environment, but creates a link.
The main part of the building consists of columns, perforated mesh and glass, which creates transparency of volume and airiness. The trees in front of the facade are in harmony with the Y-shaped columns, which are constructive elements of the project. These constructive elements are not hidden, but on the contrary, are emphasized in order to give the rhythm. The beauty of the structure is determined and revealed by the play of lighting, using the basic geometric forms as contours and guides. The building is accentuated by the control tower, which laconically rises above the construction and adjoining green spaces in front of the airport entrance.
The interaction of man with nature can be harmonious only when we respectfully and carefully treat it. The airport project is designed to remind that people and nature are inextricably linked.

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