One Day in LA: Networked Dreamers Build the Global City

by Andrea Olivares from University of Alicante, Architecture School, Spain
Tutored by: José Parra Martínez, María José Marcos Torro

Author comments:

One Day in LA is a project that approaches the city of Los Angeles through a personal journey through some of the different ways of life that take place between the multiplicity of architectures and domestic devices of this provisional metropolis.

It is an experimental research from the point of view of the work methodology (combining cinematographic methods with those of the architectural discipline), from the objectual (looking for different methods which allow an approach to the ways of life) and from the audiovisual (mixing the architectural object with the political condition of the characters, through the perspective allowed by the camera).

Therefore it is a project that uses the cinema medium to investigate about the production of a script and some scenarios in constant mutation. It is a process that seeks to emerge, through the double perspective offered by architecture and film, a critical positioning against the cultural reality that is approached.

The scenarios that are filmed include infrastructures, public spaces, industrial and commercial architectures and domestic spaces which bring the viewer closer to a reality that question the life of this city. Beyond the strong social compartmentalization of this metropolis -represented in each of its communities- Los Angeles is a complex organism that operates through the permeability that occurs between these strata. This work shows these spaces which acquire new cultural and political connotations.

Tutor comments:

The author's profound architectural research has successfully managed an overwhelming variety of sources which has served to unfold a discourse that operates through a multiplicity of layers of information and architectural formats. The methodological multiverse of her project is truly remarkable:it expands from the complex integration of critical writing, design and art disciplines, such as cartography, diorama making, montage, etc., to the process itself of filming and post producing. This complex and idiosyncratic assembly has generated an innovative ad hoc methodology which must be highlighted as one of the main achievements of this project. Combining the greatest academic rigor and creative freedom, the author has been able to approach the symbolic universe of the communities of Los Angeles, providing herself with the necessary tools to construct her own regard and to give voice to those who has been deprive of their rights as citizens.

The author must be praised as well or all the truthfulness emerging from her project which is the result of the student’s intellectual honesty, academic effort and social commitment. All these qualities were evidenced in the dazzling and sophisticated installation that creates the ultimate narrative sense of this this unique project.

Accompanying the author in her investigation has been to us, as her tutors, a stimulating intellectual challenge and a privilege.

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