Children’s Oncology Centre, Chisinau

by Dumitru Gazea from Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty, Moldova
Tutored by: Crețu Corneliu

Author comments:

A feasibility study has identified an opportunity to place a children’s oncology centre in the Upper Botanica zone between Grenoble Street and Schinoasei Road, on a sloping site of 35 ha. This is in the vicinity of several other medical institutions and allows for a direct link to key public transport routes and to Chişinău international airport.
The Children’s Oncology Centre building will be made up of multiple functional zones, with a modern and original appearance, woven into the surrounding landscape and the existing urban fabric.
The centre will benefit from a smart energy system, potentially halving the overall energy consumption, along with an air filtration and ventilation system, whilst offering modern treatment, research and logistic facilities and equipment.
The centre will have a capacity of 400 beds for seriously ill children, with 160 beds for recovering children. A supportive environment will be created for the parents as well, so they can be present throughout the treatment period – around 150 places, with psychological and medical assistance available. As part of the proposal, a creative centre with a theatre, cinema and study rooms for preschool and school children have been included. It is envisaged that the centre would accommodate children from neighbouring areas in the most advanced stages of cancer.
Worldwide precedent has demonstrated that in pioneering oncological centres, the rehabilitation process is considerably more efficient. Furthermore, these centres have the necessary equipment to research and develop innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment for cancer.

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