EX FABRICA_ A new identity for the Manifattura in Moncalieri

by Cecilia Vincenzi, Flavia Spina from Politecnico di Torino - School of Architecture, Italy
Tutored by: Silvia Gron, Cristina Coscia

Author comments:

The history of Turin is strictly connected to the world of industry. Starting from the 18 century, the city started to be populated by industrial buildings.
The evolution of production methods has led to the inadequacy of existing industrial artifacts that have been abandoned over the years.
The research is focused on the study of the Manifattura in Moncalieri built in 1950 by Mario Passanti and Paolo Perona. This fine example of modern architecture, today is still abandoned and needs to re-find its original vocation.
The principal aim of the project is to preserve the original characteristics of the building and at the same time to transform it according to the new needs of the working class.
In the past it was order and linearity, today the term flexibility is more appropriate to describe both the relationships in the workplace and their spatial characteristics.
Collaboration between members, sharing of common environments, services, ideas and values generate networks and work opportunities.
The variety of space use destinations, connected to work, leisure and sociality, aims at creating a work-life cycle within the manufacture, stimulating new aggregation process also in the adjacent area. The project's design has been accompanied and monitored by pre-feasibility checks supported by a feasibility study that starts from an accurate funding research. Starting from stakeholders mapping, it was defined a management plan for the enterprise, since its start.

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