shortlisted project

Cystic Fibrosis Rehabilitation in a Rural Complex

by Kerameianakis Nikolaos-Chrysostomos, Kerameianaki Eleftheria, Psarrou Eirini from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), School of Architecture, Greece
Tutored by: Zachariadis Ioannis

Author comments:

This diploma project oscillates between present needs and fragments of the past. It deals, on the one hand with the rehabilitation of patients, on the other with the “restoration” of the landscape in the Cretan countryside.
A personal relationship with Cystic Fibrosis, the most common inherited disease of the white race, and the low life-expectancy of its patients in Greece, brought to the surface the need for a rehabilitation program to improve, at least, the clinical picture of patients suffering this specific disease, since healing is impossible.
Along with our concern with the disease, there was also an interest in the past of the place, and more specifically with the metohia, rural complexes in the Cretan countryside.
From the research comes out, that the spatial structure of the metohi allows us to test against it the programmatic structure of the disease, and vice versa. In this respect, this diploma design project, constitutes an experiment as to how these two, the metohi on the one hand as a spatial structure, cystic fibrosis on the other, a life structure, can come together.
The requirements of the rehabilitation program combined with the existing buildings, the orchard of the metohi, as well as the relief of the land and the character of the place, led to the articulation of the buildings within a continuous succession of closed and open spaces, through which the landscape is being revealed, redefined. Αfter all, we are dealing with the "restoration" of a landscape

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