Pipelines's Strip

by Melissa Alexandra Lopes Fazendeiro from Curso de Arquitectura Escola Superior Artistica do Porto, Portugal
Tutored by: João Carreira

Author comments:

A project for a pipeline “river”.

The intervention area is located in Portugal’s main industrial gateway, Sines, and it presents as a vast void resulting from the implementation of an enormous pipeline streak.
This project is about the transformation of an inaccessible area used as an oleoduct into an enjoyment area supporting Sines, without the replacement of its actual function.
It is, in the end, about recovering a “dead” area for the city, trough de design of an extense area, filled with unique ludic elements.
Being a delicate, expecting zone, the intervention in this area becomes exceedingly difficult.
Considering its large elements and the various conflicting areas around it, the endeavor of transformation will only be possible trough the creation of multiple side to side connections and paths.
The goal is to turn rupture-void into organizing-void, celebrating again the relationship between the historical city and the Atlantic Ocean. The idea is, therefore, to make the pipelines visible while developing a place for multiple experiencies, all while keeping the identity, as the pipelines help to define what is the city of Sines.

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