Sawmill in Hrastovac

by Robert Barbir from University of Zagreb, School of Architecture, Croatia
Tutored by: Prof Tonči Žarnić

Author comments:

Sawmill industry is placed in the center of a village Hrastovac in Slavonija region of Croatia. It is conceived as two identical twin buildings that constantly collaborate. The buildings are functionaly conected directly to the Oak woods with local roads. Across the Sawmill buildings two parks are created as antipod to artificial. The bigness of Sawmill is making the new context as continuity of place history ( there was a church with graveyard, then a motel, both demolished). The village was established by German people in 1865. The pragmatic urban plan directly affects language of architecture design, also the position of a buildings. The form of both buildings is defined with massive timber structure painted black. Its dimensions resulting from required programme of industry and available materials - oak timber. The roof / space structure is like a big attic, it is also a storage for timber to dry on the wind. In both buildings functionality is concentrically conceived. In the center of the storage structure there is a sound-proof chamber placed in which different activites are happening; log cutting or air conditioned drying. The form structure is strictly symetrical, therefore the elevation cladding is in constant change. On every side there is a large cantilever which contains Sawmill service spaces. It can also be used as a public space for variety of local events or as a loggia towards parks. It is functional but also challenging space.

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