Variable work and interaction units within a structured environment / The paradigm of Athens

by Xristina Athanasekou, Fotini Michaili from TAM School of Architecture University of Thessaly, Greece
Tutored by: Evelyn Gavrilou

Author comments:

This thesis proposes a solution to the issues that emerged through a series of discussions with people living in the context of the labour uncertainty, a situation brimming in the modern Athenian reality.
A search for spaces without an active program at the given moment, in combination with the uncomfortable and chaotic structural plan of Athens, has led us to a linear management plan for the flexible unit we are constructing.
The structure of the unit presented here is based on a pattern that will be emphasizing on the needs of the units’ workers, and the need for this unit to be a starting point for establishing relations within the neighbourhoods where it is placed.
This pattern is the main element based on which the synthetic process was structured, so that during its development, the unit, from its beginning, will be able to pick up new users by varying its length, over time, and operating honourably. Along with a targeted combination of fixed and variable elements, the unit will be able to accommodate events by appropriately shaping the space to house them.
The study includes the possibility of building the unit within the financial capacity of the Municipality and of other groups, offering to people the opportunity to develop their creativity in their field, while also creating a network that spreads in various parts of the city, and which gathers the interest of the community by contributing to the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

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