PERSPECTIVE' Thermal Hub in Sakarilica Valley

by Ekin Girgin from Özyeğin University, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Turkey
Tutored by: Prof. Hulya Turgut

Author comments:

The most important goal of the design, which is designed in the thermal village in Sakarılıca Valley,is to create magical places which can be flow with the nature and provide individual purification catching different perspectives.The water and its conceptuality are inserted into the fiction.With the infinite reflections and the depth of water;the experience of entering to the fiction brings individual purification,mental relaxation and limitlessness.The design, flowing in the folds of the valley and the existing village doctrine,is shaped by the idea of 'purification units and a pathway between them’ designed at the top.The pathway, which is initially thought as only a trail, becomes an extension of nature by adding water and soil layers to itself. This trail is about the continuity of the current mountain pathway.The personal purification units that are added around the pathway are located at different angles and orientations, thus, they show us different frames with different perspectives.The basic design of the purification units is; -in an isolated environment, with access to the water and the visual nature- to catch individual calmness. With only a single surface of these units being transparent, the nature is seen in a limited perspective, that is, framed. Finally, the thermal hub is located at the end of the field and with a lower level of design, a more isolate and calm environment was created.

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