Regeneration of body and spirit – modern Gymnasion

by Maciej Koczocik from Faculty of Architecture Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
Tutored by: Konrad Kucza-Kuczynski

Author comments:

The contemporary man lives in the age of continuous hurry and extremely high consumerism on a scale not yet known in the history of anthropology.
Everyday life, subconsciously promotes the model of a man – who is perpetually stressed in pursuit of tomorrow, exclusively about the future, material possessions or status.
The diploma thesis addresses the need to „mute”, stop over, the moment to purify the mind and body with a "dust" of daily race, overall reflection, also the problem of disappearing the skill of rest, regeneration and colloquial "battery charge".
Considerations apply to the architecture and treatments used to "stop over" - metaphorically and actually, inner silence, meditation and wide renewal.
The part of theoretical work are studies about a lost item in typology of architecture, which was the ancient gymnasion, a temple for the mind and body - the essence of human.
The attempt of contemporary interpretation of gymnasion, in confrontation with the other models of architectural field of contemplation, renewal and purification, also with relevant considerations of environmental and sensual psychology.
The design is a proposal of a new model of architecture for regeneration of body, mind and spirit, based on historical, typological and environmental psychology studies. It contains specific spaces to serve the following elements of the scenario - a full renewal and methods of obtaining it.
Building with its structure is a Guide itself, leading the visitor ahead.

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