The great Akragas. The architecture of the entrance between Gate V and the tomb of Theron

by Marina Viola from UniversitĂ  di Palermo, Dipartimento di Architettura, Italy
Tutored by: Andrea Sciascia

Author comments:

The project concerns the archaeological park of Agrigento with the aim of restoring the image of the great Akragas. The intervention retrieves a continuity of vision and accessibility offered by the centrality of the context at Gate V and examines the relationship between city, landscape and archaeological site. The study place constitutes a strategic pole for visiting the park of the Valley of the temples because it lets to reach the ruins and show visitors different itineraries and views, like in the case of the tomb of Theron and roman necropolis. The area of Gate V becomes destination and distribution centre where archaeology and contemporary architecture interact on the basis of historical layers to meet the needs of society. The design of the soil from which the architecture of the entrance takes shape, limits addition of signs in essential elements to retrieve a greater integration with the surroundings and ensure a suitable condition to the needs of users. The new services of reception, stores and cultural activities have the aim to increase the number of visitors and the time spent in the park. The architecture takes form of an underground space that appears outwardly through openings as patios and large entrances related to the landscape. The settlement principle, the functional program and the use of local materials show how the project constitutes an opportunity to reveal the potential of the territory, to experience it and return a unified vision of Akragas.

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