Terra Artiphycialis: Material Intermediation between Natural and Artificial

by Nina Hatzitheofilou , Katerina Vasileiou from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Architecture, Greece
Tutored by: Stavros Vergopoulos

Author comments:

Can there be a material driven design?
How does a built structure interact with its physical environment?

The consideration of material as a dynamic element in the design, aims at developing an interrelation between the natural landscape and the built structure.

The form of the building is constantly transforming over time, within the sequential transformations of its material. It evolves as a designed probabilistic event through correlations of time and environmental factors, thus incorporating qualities that belong to the intelligence of the natural. The building is the result of its materials’ embedded ‘expression’.

Our research was ignited by rethinking an architecture that is somehow primitive yet contemporary, familiar yet alien, simple yet complex. An architecture less sterile and driven by form, brutally direct and naturally simple. An architecture unblemished by mimetic intent, showing nothing but itself, through its material manifestation.

An architecture, that arises as a product of our inner necessity instead of a materialised version of abstract graphic imagery. By ensuring its existence and interaction with human need and desire, until the latter ceases to exist.

An architecture capable of interacting with its environment, while at the same time being incorporated among it, as a part of a whole larger system.

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