shortlisted project

Kindergarten in the industrial port of Ravena

by Mireya Arias Campo from Escuela de Arquitectura de Toledo, Spain
Tutored by: Nacho Román Santiago

Author comments:

We are located in the industrial port city of Ravena. Huge indrustrial forms, high voltage poles, machines and boilers.
Giuliana, central to the film “red desert” by Michelangelo Antonioni, walks sleepwalking between the halfhearted mass of workers.
Giuliana walks in search of his son.
Not far away is the small kindergarten where he spends the morning.
Recognizing the condition of the boundary with the canal is constructed. Located in a level of protection for children, 90 centimetres below the constant level.
368 metres of continuous tubular steel profile with turns and changes of direction create the frame of the kindergarten, drawing high volumes.
Concrete, gravel, colored rubber, sand… This will be the palette of ingredients to display a ludic carpet where the children develop their motor skills outdoor.
Counter to the almost hostile, metal and wet outer beauty, the inner reality is friendly and warm with fixed and mobile wood panels and soft areas.
These stripes are open to the south. At the same time, from the north line are born all the necessary elements for the proper working of each unit. That delimit different areas of activity or rest. Recalling the manipulated boundary canal with the berth spaces.
The project lengthens the hard and monotonous character of the place that radically welcomes this new world of children who look forward to seeing everything from the 80 centimetres, imagine and experiment with a máximum radius of touch range in 120 centimetres. They are perfect learning machines taking place in this wasteland of huge machines and infrastructures.

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