shortlisted project

A procession by The Wadden Sea

by Diana Lindboe from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Design and Conservation, Denmark
Tutored by: Nicholas Thomas Lee

Author comments:

The project provides the infrastructure for a sequence of atmospheric moments along the coastal area of The Wadden Sea. The natural rhythms present in the daylight conditions, landscape and bird life of The Wadden Sea and its coastal area form the focal point for a series of architectural pavilions that frame and enhance these particular contextual conditions present in the nature. The pavilions aim to compliment the new Wadden Sea Centre by unfolding the character of its landscape and nature through a series of distinct experiences at specific points along the coast. The architectural interventions aim to strengthen The Wadden Sea as both a national and international destination.

The pavilions guide visitors out into landscape where they can experience the natural rhythms of The Wadden Sea. The pavilions form one coherent gesture within the landscape while at the same time each individual node can be read as a site specific intervention that can be discovered and explored independently. They stand as open and inviting elements that allows one to engage with the landscape and invites one to stay through atmospheric experiences.

The project defines an overall strategy for the entire sequence of pavilions and locates seven interventions with specific themes. Three of the seven pavilions have then been developed further in order to establish a common architectural language for the entire sequence. The three pavilions all have one defined route and two specific views.

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