Conceptual design Spaceport in Abu Dhabi

by Roman Wala from Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Poland
Tutored by: Dr Hab. Inż. Arch. Klaudiusz Fross

Author comments:

The subject of the work is the conceptual design of a commercial spaceport, located off the coast of Abu Dhabi. The form and nature of the infrastructure associated with the complex flows directly from the functional objectives, namely:
- service of suborbital flights - staying in the space around Earth by means of specially created the manned aircrafts (spacecrafts);
- complementary functions: taking out the cargo into space, staying in the hotel space.
The resort provides the opportunity of a 4-day training and testing for space tourists, an attractive stay for others and a wide range of activities related to the theme of space exploration.
Spaceport is designed as a set of buildings erected on piled up artificial island connected to the mainland by a two-storey bridge. A group of buildings consists of three main buildings, distributed radially around the centrally located entrance area of ​​the railway station and car park:
- segment No. 1: hangar with the administrative part and ground control;
- segment No. 2: educational and training centre, along with habitat for astronauts;
- segment No. 3: public hotel with a leisure area.
Streamlined, modern forms of the buildings, as well as their concentric arrangements, are inspired by the motives of the well-known sci-fi elements characteristic for space exploration, traditional architecture of the local Arab Emirates; biological forms reflect the natural local environment.

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