Pilgrim Shelter in the Pilis

by Virginia Völfinger from Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Transportation Engineering, Széchenyi István University, Hungary
Tutored by: Tamás Czigány

Author comments:

Usually we are looking for a function for a place - but here - the place whispered me, what it want to be. Strong past, even stronger spiritual presence - the place has no parallel. These highlighted the way, i travelled through. I did not want to make a path in the forest, but i wanted to arrive the intern, where the forest leads me.

When i designed the plan, i tried to keep in my mind the main destination, what i felt when i first arrived this place. Respect the nature, live with it, and then it highlights the way for us. It is not an coincidence, that is the starting point of the Pauline’s. The leader of the convent saw his first visions, and lived as a hermit here. This location has not only place in the history books, it has place in the presents too. As i see, a silent retreat house - the pilgrim shelter with a simple chapel has the best function to serve this purpose. Keep the original nature, but makes it alive. The changes of open, closed and the semi-open spaces not allow the pilgrims to be independent from nature - try to help to become part of it.

In the materials, the structures, the shapes i tried to follow this philosophy. Show the impressions, what i lived through in this place, the relationship with the past, the present and the power of the place.

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