Traditional Creative Center, Chisinau city, Republic of Moldova

by Iulia Morosan from Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty, Moldova
Tutored by: Dipl.-Arch. Negruţa Igor

Author comments:

The Traditional Creative Center aims to increase the interest of children, pupils and adults in the cultural-historical nuance of Moldova, through introducing them to traditional arts, such as: musical art, painting, theater arts, folk dance, craft art, art of stained glass, sculpture, pottery, wood art, teaching national history, photography, fashion design. This project is different from an art gallery, an art museum or a school. It is a functional building, with a mission to encourage the practice of traditional art and to provide facilities, framing the theatrical space, the space of galleries and exhibitions, spaces for performing arts, workshops, educational facilities, technical equipment etc. It has a form created from a stylized square in plan, which evolved constructively in the form of a moldovian ornament. The systematization of Creative Center is based on an optimal functional zoning. At each level are arranged buffets for students and teachers and at the ground floor are some stores that will sell traditional items and exhibition areas for access to every passerby.
This building promotes traditional Moldavian art in the international market through the exhibitions, charity fairs organized by the Traditional Creative Center and students participating in various European competitions. The project proposes not only the revitalization by enhancing and approval, but also the implementation of new cultural functions.

Tutor comments:

Today, in Creative Centers a child can benefit an additional circle of communication and enhances his self-esteem. Even if in Chişinău is well known Republican Center for Children and Youth "Artico", does not exist a center of arts specified on promoting national traditions of Moldova, which could combine not only classrooms but also exhibitions places, performances, shopping areas etc.
Creating this kind of Creative Center is a very current theme in architecture, with idea to promote modern architecture, combining traditional elements. It is an inspiring place to produce original work and collaborate with other energetic and ambitious artists and creative people.
The proposed concept correlates with the existing area, and in the same time the corners of the building are highlighted by individual metal network in a traditional style reminiscent of the essence of the Creative Center.

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