Construction in a slum area - A new system to realize low cost construction

by Oliver von Malm from University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Architecture, Austria
Tutored by: Rames Najjar

Author comments:

This building is intended to become a prototype of what can be done
in Kibera using local labour, refining products through work done by
Kibera residents, establishing a business for people and making high
quality construction feasible for Kibera residents in future. To be able
to bring a change from inside, through peoples’ skills, allowing people
to design as they wish.

The goal is to actually build it in the course of 2017. After supporting 2 schools in Kibera, one of the worlds largest slums around Nairobi for over 5 years, they asked to me help them build a new 2 storey building due to lack of space, hygiene and security.

The project is devided into 3 phases:

1 – Optimise process of prefabrication of building elements

2 – Set up a workshop in Kibera, school local workers and produce building elements

3 – Construct the school and school local workers on site

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