View-Point: Design for the Canon school of photography

by Kiana Aryan Kia from TU/e, University of Technology Eindhoven, Netherlands
Tutored by: Prof. Ir. Juliette Bekkering, Ir. Sjef Van Hoof, Dr. Dipl.-Ing Torsten Schröder

Author comments:

Turkey is experiencing an imposed censorship in the press from the government Today. Canon, as a driver for change, can empower the people of Istanbul to express themselves through images and the Canon school of photography can be a platform where citizens can see, exhibit and circulate images.
The design aims to blur the boundary between the civic space and domain of art. Distilling the strategies regarding the directing of views in the works of Diller Scofidio+ Renfro made a ground to translate and incorporate their premise. Sustainability has found a meaning in the design through daylighting and natural ventilation.
The square geometry of the floorplan is bisected along a linear atrium in order to bring more daylight into the building. The building on the square level starts with an atrium and a series of translucent galleries. Above these boxes, the body of the tower includes the school program.
Façade of the tower is covered in exterior vertical lamellas.. They are more densely situated in the south part where sun radiation is more severe, and daylight is mainly brought to the depth of the floor by daylight ceiling.
The difference in the in and out temperature and the height of the building allows for natural stack ventilation through the atrium beside the wind-driven ventilation.

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