Square ayazaga

by Sena Polatkan from Beykent University, Turkey
Tutored by: Prof. Dr. Şengül Öymen Gür, Asistant Prof. Orkun Ozüer, Asistant Prof. Pınar Öktem Erkartal

Author comments:

The project area is located in Ayazaga (Istanbul's Sariyer district). The Project structure consists of 3 parts. These parts are public library, auditorium and art workshop areas. The project is located in the banks of the creek of Ayazaga.
Auditorium unit is located in the closest point to the street and in the place with the widest area. In this unit, there are three units for conferences and exhibitions to be held. In the 500 seat hall unit, balcony seating plan is used. The area where auditorium has a front facade is facing the concrete.
The side facing the project area is decorated with glass surface which allows plays of light. The foyer area also allows for an exhibition and they are part of this delightful space in which seminars will be held to contribute to socializing people and improving region’s cultural level.
Our third unit is the part of the workshop. In this section, interior courtyards are used again. Workshops overlooking the creek and the road are lined up in a series. In these parts, glass facades are used to make workshops are part of the street. Interior solutions of the workshop are still with courtyards. To ensure mobility at the front stairs are located to the front. The terrace of the workshop gives a relaxation area and its connection to the terrace of the library allows an easy access to reading spot.

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