by Özge Ceylin Yıldırım from TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Turkey
Tutored by: Prof. Dr. Tayyibe Nur Caglar, Asst. Prof. Murat Sonmez

Author comments:

The people who live here exist and holds on with production. All productions precious and it is every moment of life.
The Principles of Layer
Industrial Production Value:Consisted of seperation of waste and recycling.
Art P. V.:Explained by the strengthening of social links in the construct.The purpose is to search for express themselves through art methods.
Science P. V.: Involved the places where all ages are receive education at any moment.
Agricultural P. V.: Consisted of garden and truck farm.
Energy P. V.: Solar panel where situated on the roof of buildings are produced energy.
Harbouring P. V.:Explained by be made better the present housing with saving and rebuilt within all these production value units.There are temporary housing to use for everyone who want to experience the construct
The project is a demountable structure suggestion that be articulased buildings within a gridal system that compatible with topography. Moreover, it is about the condition of resistant construction through their present situation and a system is fictionalised with saving trace of overthrown buildings.City is not only physical environment but also a spatial scale that built socially with the most important way and every interference is made on place have the characteristics of social intereference too. Therefore, that design is predicted as the process design. Besides, to be aimed decrease the authority of architect and the place is built again by consumers with their action and structure that built attend to spatial construct.

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