Educating with Green

by Gizem Değirmenci from Özyeğin University, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Turkey
Tutored by: Murat Şahin

Author comments:

The concept of this project focuses on a design of a faculty of Architecture and Design Building which will be an addition to the existing university campus located in Çekmeköy, İstanbul. Altough the campus is near a green area, the interaction of the school buildings with this green area is considerably low. The newly designed Faculty of Architecture and Design Building will be interconnected with this green area as well as embracing and feeling it. The aims of the project include reaching multifunctional areas and function flexibility while also reaching semi open areas, terraces and squares consisting of different levels. During the design process, with studying different Level; gaps, fills and entrances which are born with coming together of differents layers, are created. Orientation was the most important factor that shaped the design. Facing of existing squares and roads and sustainability of these orientations are the aims of the project. Circulation is considered as another important factor in the project. Semi open areas and terraces in different levels are designed in such a way that they prevent blocking of sustainability of areas which enables the uninterrupted design of open and closed area circulations. While the green pattern and nature are continuing in the building uninterrupted, a breathing facuty building is designed which takes the nature inside.

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