GeoSocial Fields

by Alexandros Kapsalis, Elly Alexiou from School of Architecture, Technical University of Crete, Greece
Tutored by: Panita Karamanea

Author comments:

This diploma project constitutes a study on the forces which form and affect Santorini's landscape, aiming to understand and incorporate them into the design process. The study focusses on an area south of Fira, on the front of the volcano's caldera, where five inactive mines of theraic earth lie, cut off from their surroundings (area: 860.000 m² , height: 10 - 70 m).
The research method began by analysing the area's peculiarities due to cumulative geomorphological, political economic and social forces and their evolution through time. The study and its mapping led to a deep understanding of the situation: the area is today a hybrid complex landscape, result of the interaction between the natural elements and the human-made activities (agriculture, industry, constructions, tourism). The project' s systemic analysis and synthesis is based on (i) digital explanatory diagrams (ii) description in layers of the structural systems (iii) 2D and 3D landscape plans and mapping (iv) representation in 3D printed physical models.
New spatial compositional tools, functional programs and ecological actions are proposed as an holistic design strategy preserving at the same time the unique characteristics of this impressing landscape. The proposal aims to the creation of an integrated open public space, designed to host cultural, recreational events and research programs. The proposal's objective is to activate the site and construct a new vivid landscape, as well as to promote alternative forms of tourism and prolong the island 's touristic season.

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