Il giro dell'uva | Rafforzamento di una Regione | Urban Project

by Bruno Bucher from ZHAW – Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland
Tutored by: Regula Iseli | Tom Weiss

Author comments:

Zoppola lies in the east of the provincial Pordenone and contains other ten villages. By their small scale the villages function with there own smaller infrastructures. The population in the different villages has hardly changed within the last few years and this development is noticeable in the complete region. The Places seems as paralyzed and the farming, which is an important experienced for the Friaul fall within the last few years. This leads to an existence problem of the small enterprises in the villages one produces and harvests only what one for own need needs. My work pursues the strategy to implement the necessary infrastructures of the respective places and putting the main attention on the place-specific qualities. With the aim to reach a combination of the places so that they can profit from each other and new jobs can be created. To achieve this an architectural measures are indispensable. The development program promotes the cross- border cooperation with neighboring countries and therefore serves as an economy catalyst in addition. Finally the municipality is strengthened as residential and place of work and the whole region is designed more attractive again for the younger generations. The agriculture on that the region is dependent if there is today only now and then. This development isn’t only noticeably but also visible in the villages. That’s why it is important to bundle the qualities and resources of the single places and to strengthen the export. This is possible by the networking of the places and in connection with new impulses such as the gentle tourism or a new cycle way.

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