museum of water and life

by Valentina Toncheva Ganeva from Varna Free University, Bulgaria
Tutored by: Prof. Constantin Boyadjiev, Asst Prof. Radostina Rajnovska

Author comments:

The main theme of the analyses of the project is the contemporary architecture of culturally orientated public buildings and their contribution towards city economy
The main objective is creation of new public cultural space which will act as a hub for leisure, interactive entertainment and educational activities
The curator’s concept is “The role of Black sea in development of civilizations along its coast”

The Museum of Water and Life offers exhibition spaces, art and technology center, center for contemporary culture of the Balkans, two concert halls, educational facilities, research center, laboratory for conservation and restoration of archeological artefacts.

The chosen location is the seaboard side of the Sea Garden of Varna – tourist city with ancient history. The architectural style of the Old City is Secession while for the rest of the city is predominantly Modern. Taking into account the terrain and functional requirements the Museum of Water is a symbolic building conceptually interlinked with the characteristics of City of Varna, offering multi functionality, and convenient pedestrian and vehicular access. The steep slope presents opportunities for terraced public space connecting via ramps and panoramic staircases the Sea Garden and “First Alley" promenade at sea level. Revitalization of the portion of the beach between the promenade and the sea, including the existing open air mineral hot water pool are part of this project. The modified slope offers great views towards the bay.

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