The Frederick Kiesler Theater Arts Center on Cathedral Square, Chernivtsi

by Anna Byelkina from Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine
Tutored by: Proskuryakov Viktor, Ghoj Bogdan.

Author comments:

The Frederick Kiesler Theater Arts Centre could create a new usage of public spaces of the Cathedral Square. It offers to join the dynamic and exciting performances of contemporary youth theater and spectacular show. The building can house 250 spectators. The stage can rotate and descend on the basement to change the scenery. In the basement there are rooms which service the scene and actors.
Center possesses raised with the help of consoles galleries for the exhibition of art. Gallery can be a great place for literary readings and workshops.
But the Center contains not only the internal spaces. It interacts with the square creating a unique urban interior. Big two-sided media screen allows to broadcast video and audio. On one side of the screen placed a covered media-terrace, on the other side of it there is space of a square. The screen can be used during concerts, holidays and important public meeting.
The square in front of screen smoothly comes under the media terrace. There placed a coffee-bar. Everyone could watch the actors during drinking a cup of coffee.

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