shortlisted project

Resiting/exiting tracks

by Chiara Finizza from Università degli Studi di Ferrara, Italy
Tutored by: Massarente Alessandro

Author comments:

Everyone lives his own life, cultivate their aspirations, believe in their dreams, without feeling the need to share them inevitably. Yet somewhere, around a corner or at the center of a square, there are places where the personal sphere is opened to the vision of the community. They are places where something unexpected happens, almost magical, where you will be going motivated by a personal interest, and in which you find yourself surrounded by so many other lives, other aspirations, other dreams: places that teach us that everything is connected to something else; where people meet; where an exchange takes place.
And why not use just a “void” in the city to ensure that this exchange take place? Regenerate a void that has been unhinged from its original function and make it back to the service of the city? The question now is how to reuse these areas unhinged by their function and discontinued.It is proposed, therefore, to value these abandoned places, at least initially with temporary activities, to initiate subsequently a process of response to social needs.
The “residual areas” well represent urban reserves for the testing of collective dreams, free spaces to accommodate and allow a re-emergence capital and aid economic recovery. Tthe aim is to create a network of spaces / ideas / persons, which generate partnerships between the various actors. Rework the void with artists, young entrepreneurs, partners, government and anyone who is willing to get involved in this process.

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