shortlisted project

CO-Housing Zone Sosnova

by Filip Ponechal from Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia
Tutored by: Ing.Arch. Jozef Bátor, Phd.

Author comments:

How a young architect sees living in today?

The subject of living is currently significant for me not only in my work but also in my personal life.

The pace of people's lifestyles is rapidly increasing; people do not stay all my life in one place anymore. Younger people in particular are often forced to save money, to live in rented accommodation with multiple roommates or take a mortgage on the apartment, which ultimately is not sufficiently flexible to meet the needs of today's young families and young professionals.

The topic of Co-Housing captured my attention as a possible solution to this problem by means of modern housing in the community, which allows space and resources saving by sharing of interior and exterior spaces. Also quality of life is increased by the fact that in this type of housing we get to know our neighbors, we learn to work together and live together at a different level than is common. Flexibility of the building's floor plan is an integral part of the design, which is intended to accommodate various needs of various people.

In my project I have tried to respect environmental and ecological side of surrounding area and to plant the residential buildings sensitively and subtly into space. Verticality of my design reflects the character of the outlying forest, traffic is diverted to the outskirts of the area and due to the possibility of using the roof of the building for various environmentally conscious activities the building is designed to reach certain level of self-sufficiency.

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