shortlisted project

Museum and Educational Center as gateway to access the archaeological site – Urubici, State of Santa Catarina (Brazil)

by Carolina Vaz Pinto from Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy
Tutored by: Luigi Franciosini

Author comments:

The study area is located in the southern of Brazil, in an important territory from a naturalistic and archaeological point of view.

The primordial forest received the life that under its protective mantle in order to be spread, and a magical balance was formed between the life of the ancient populations and this nature. Unfortunately, almost nothing of this magic remains.

The arrogance of modern man triumphed, and the symbiosis between nature and life being had to leave gradually space to the indiscriminate urbanization.

The need of a new balance between nature and artefacts in the anthropized space becomes one of the key themes of the project, aiming at the enhancement of the archaeological and naturalistic heritage, as well as the recovery of a balanced view of the relationship between man and nature.

The main concept is the creation of a tale able to project on archaeological and naturalistic site into the contemporary life experience, creating a narrative path through the primordial nature and the ruins. The creation of this narrative path requires an educational space, operated by a didactic museum.

The project starts from the consideration that this territory becomes the undisputed protagonist of a tale, which aims to take us back in time and to make us understand more clearly the history of the ancient cultures, by allowing the visitors to immerse themselves in the same nature, where the ancients knew "feeling" and which still bears the echo of their past existence.

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