shortlisted project

Vall amagada (Hidden Valley, Barcelona)

by Berta Morata Flaquer from Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura del Vallès (ETSAV), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya BarcelonaTech, Spain
Tutored by: Claudi Aguiló, Enric Batlle

Author comments:

Vall Amagada (Hidden Valley) is the meaning of the place name: Vallcarca.

This district has suffered a programmed degradation since it was affected by the PGM 1976 that planned to pass a long distance infrastructure (via O), subsequently amended. There followed an “urbanicide” gestated among developers, construction and town hall, and an opportunity now to act in time and change varied.

The project is seen as an opportunity to research from the absurd, in the most abrupt topographic point of Barcelona and located within the system of 7 hills of the city, the intersection between the world above (hills) and the bottom (valley).

The project is a valley and a bridge. A network of paths, gradually going from system 1 elevated-bridge, system 1-2 stirrups, system 2 touching the ground. The space "between" let the water pass and vegetation to grow, the path from the effort overlaps with the activity as a threshold where the public life can be, workshops, workspaces and creativity, providing an opportunity for new production ways and an open program.

The underground infrastructure opens to the outside on a path, and a meticulous modification of the land with the existing balances in extracted and added between the two sides of the valley, building the minimum (a single retaining wall). The car loses prominence, reordering, eliminating a lenght on Gomis street and pacifying, prioritizing walker.

... Project as research-intensity, paths, ways, changes of direction and constant digressions, because progress is not linear, moving irregularly and sometimes making detours ...

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