shortlisted project


by Selcen Yeniçeri from Gazi University, Faculty of Architecture, Turkey
Tutored by: Adnan Aksu, Irem Yilmaz

Author comments:

Urban Regeneration
Urban locations seen as live organisms are complex and dynamic systems. Natural disasters, unplanned urbanization caused by increasing population and various other issues caused thereby deform the system. In such case restructuring need brings into agenda the urban transformation taking into account the modern urbanization principles and planning principles are to be observed.

In Turkey
Starting of the collapse of increasing slum housing areas after the Second World War and increasing population has led Turkey to face urban regeneration. Upon paying more importance to industrialization, the rural life has been replaced by urban development and urban and urban planning have entered into a fast changing period

The response given to urban regeneration in Turkey has been given based on market conditions rather than political responses in form of a certain plan program, ‘spontaneous’ solutions of the society to market conditions mutual interactions of central and local governments. In the responses given to different regeneration problems, the regeneration problems have been reduced to transformation of physical locations but social, financial and environmental dimensions have been ignored. On the other hand, regeneration can attain success if it is addressed with a comprehensive and integrated approach while keeping social development, economic development, environmental related and natural balance and sustainability in addition to physical location transformation.

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