Emergencies Coordinating Center

by Cristina Cotruţa from Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty, Moldova
Tutored by: Andronovici Diana

Author comments:

The Emergencies Coordinating Center has the main goal of uniting all emergency agencies into a one complete unit with the power to coordinate and distribute functions during major city crisis. At a local level, it comes with a new conceptualization upon the city’s existing divided emergency aid system. A real connection with fire, medical and rescuers divisions was established and real problems were analyzed. Thus a multi-functional complex in the heart of the city was born, joined by major urban strategic points. The novelty are the Populations Training Center that aims to educate young people in terms of emergency aid help; The Emergency Helipad offering the city the possibility of receiving critically ill patients and their transportation to local hospitals and The Rescuers’ Training Facility .
The entire building is a cry-out against the ridiculously complicated and unproportional shapes that mold a modern city. It reaches to prove that architectural beauty is born from elegance, simplicity and pristiness.
All in all, the project aims to raise awareness among the population and change the preexisting idea of divided emergency agencies that fail to help people in times of crisis due to bureaucracy, inefficiency and lack of fast communication. It tries to catch the local authorities attention and show them there is an urgent need for change and reorganization of the existing emergency aid system.

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