Urban area that is occupied

by Zeliha Burcu Demirci from Gazi University, Faculty of Architecture, Turkey
Tutored by: Adnan Aksu-İrem Yilmaz

Author comments:

Without any imposition, Culture and education have become fields that produce productive results and allow people to improve themselves as a result of interactions among individuals.
Intruding into a building without any legal right and living in there are things that people have been doing for ages. Intruding into an abandoned constructions as well as building illegal structures and moving into them can be seen in almost every country. Despite the fact that most of the intruders are what they are as a result of poverty, some of them, especially those in Europe, are due to the ideological reasons.
Also some occupy for the purpose of creating an environment that might make people capable of performing art such as music and painting etc.
Although people aimed for different things, the main point was always transforming the current environment into a free one.
It was the purpose that the space of occupation that was shaped by the user so that a free environment was created. By not assigning specific function, it was aimed to provide oppurtunity for different kinds of events in different periods of time.
In the Project ;
• The Alternative fields of both education and culture
• Units for accomadation
• Spaces for social activities
• Alternative zones in a library(for particular age group between 18-25, including youngs and students)

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