“Sandriliona” Ice Cream Factory Expansion

by Nicolae Creţu from Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty, Moldova
Tutored by: Prof. Diana Andronovici

Author comments:

The main goal of the project: to enhance the storage and production capacities, a typical building will be incorporated into an existent structure (built in 2001). Conceptually, the existent production buildings will be kept but remodeled and placed in different functional contexts.
The placement and design of food processing enterprises is the subject of the several national regulations.Therefore, we reconfigured the industrial complex as to reduce environmental pollution. The refrigerated warehouses were placed far away from the neighboring civil buildings, whereas the production and administrative buildings together with the exposition center were relocated in close proximity to the main access roads. Special connection galleries were designed to interconnect between these buildings.
The new industrial unit, where ice-cream will be produced, is composed of several distinct volumes which inter-cross each other. This ensures a modular architecture. A modular design has clear advantages: 1. the production and storage establishments are located strategically, following the production flux; 2. the factory can be extended in the future without requiring major rearrangements and costs. In this way, the industrial complex, although modular per se, can serve as a functional ensemble.
Three towers (30m each) serve as refrigerated warehouses for the storage of the end-products.These architectural indices show corporate identity: quality, innovation, excellence.

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