From Marvila to Tejo: A contemporary dwelling

by Ana Teresa Afonso from Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade de Lisboa (FAUL), Portugal
Tutored by: Prof. D. Arch Miguel Baptista-Bastos, Prof. D. Arch Hugo Lopes Farias

Author comments:

From a sociological and urbanistic perspective, a peripheral coastal tissue of the eastern Lisbon was taken as a subject of study, seeking the creation of an urban-architectural structure able to cover the needs of a contemporary society, both in terms of program, providing proximity equipments, or in terms of housing and quality of life, as understood by a postmodernist society.

The result is a proposal of an urban design, that guarantee not only the local population's needs but corrects as well some of the main deficiencies of a territory shredded by successive layers of infrastructures implanted in the past considering only the convergence of accesses to the center of the capital. Making the parish only a passage and disabled area.

The issue prevailed: What would be the most adequate housing to correspond to the current living standards in our country?

The design presents, what we consider an improvement in regard to the usual offered solutions of dwelling: Proposals for two standard housing projects that are not rigid and definitive but instead with the elasticity to adapt itself to the different demands of the heterogeneous family structures of nowadays.

With this project we hope to attract to Marvila, a young contemporary population, capable of reactivating the activities of the parish; to create an object that gives people the comfort and needs of an evolving population; and, at the same time, to solve the urban and historical issues preserving the heritage of the city.

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