Manifesto of Nature

by Francisco de Borja Castillo Alberola from Institute of Architecture and Planning, University of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein
Tutored by: Dieter Schwarz

Author comments:

The project is a ,manifesto of nature’ in an abandoned island called San Giorgio in Alga in the Venetian lagoon. This manifesto is understood as an architectonical approach towards the island that enlightens a harmonic relationship between nature and human, it is a manifesto that claims that architecture can be used as a mediator tool between nature and culture that should create awareness of the power of nature and its importance within the built environment. In this manifesto both architecture and its program will be the connection between past and present: past of the history of Venice, but also past of the island. The proposed skin will be the witness of the ruin and the architectural history of the island when the ruin will be gone in the same way the that books that are inside are the witnesses for us of the history of Venice, by writing.

The incompleteness, the broken, the mutilated, the fractured and no longer cultivated nature in shape of the ruin that is located in the island, acquire a new status. Status that this project deals through the duality of conqueror-conquered, destructor-destroyed, nature-humanity, where architecture is a mediator tool to redesign the ruin in order to translate all its layers of history and its power as interlocking between past and present. Architecture and program will be both the witnesses of the ruin when it will be gone and its history. Two different witnesses of our story between nature and us.

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