Contemporary regional center for orthopedics,physical medicine, consulting and scientific research

by Silvija Shaleva from University American College Skopje, School of Architecture and Design, Republic of Macedonia
Tutored by: Viktorija Eremeeva

Author comments:

Through the research of this topic, a number of issues have been discussed , but we came to conclusions from scientific,architectural,cultural and sociological views.Answers and their definition through architecture led to a solution for a hospital complex for physical therapy in conjunction with a sports recreational zone as a hybrid solution.By presenting the existing system of institutions in the Republic of Macedonia that work with people with certain body dysfunctions,the increased need for this type of objects is shown.The environment,the nature, is an inseparable part of the concepts of hospitals for physical therapy.The concept of joining sports recreation spaces and hospital for physical therapy and rehabilitation changes the classical model of a hospital institution.A socio-cultural model is created which allows the visitor of the sports recreational zone and the patient in the hospital complex to learn ways for mutual coexistence, integration and transition of certain obstacles.
The involvement of different functions with educational, scientific, educational, commercial and recreational character, in addition to the basic one,contributes to a greater number of visitors and users.
The answer on how to establish the relationships that are assigned, the location characteristics to be studied, the care of patients, and the attitude towards other users is recognized through the architectural whole that offers different atmospheres, defined open spaces and at the same time sculptural architecure that offers experience,and a different way of percepting health facilities.

Tutor comments:

The influence of architecture in healing processes in rehabilitation, the impact of natural light, the views, the needs for adaptable hospitals structures in modern society lead to a conclusion that results in a project for an orthopedics center, physical medicine and scientific research which as a whole sets an example to create modern spatial structures.From the research of this topic we have defined the need of this kind of building in Skopje the capital city of Republic of Macedonia. Also we learned way to define space for recreation, sport and health services at the same time. The different zones on site are defining the usage and the user experience.The building creates spaces for specific purposes, the design makes an opportunity for improvement in order to create places that encourage, stimulate and help the healing processes on the patients.

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