Multifunctional Athletic Hall and Velodrome in Brno

by Lucie Hanzlíková from Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
Tutored by: Doc. Dr. Henri Hubertus Achten

Author comments:

The subject is the design of an alethic hall in combination with the velodrome in Brno Bohunice for 3000 sitting spectators. The hall should serve for more than 4500 athletes and track cyclists from Brno and its surroundings and fulfill the technical and operational requirements for organizing IAAF competitions. Part of the design is a sports and the recreational park surrounding the building from the North. The main objective of the proposal was to create a hall that would be used not only by athletes in the winter but also would offer other opportunities for sports and cultural events to the inhabitants of the area throughout the year.

The design of the multifunctional hall was created on the basis of the real investment intention of the Athletic Hall Campus, which will be built on the solved plot in the next two years. The city was considering its combination with the velodrome as well, as the current Brno velodrome was inappropriate for its technical condition, but it was eventually canceled due to the financial means of this project. This project is, therefore, a possible alternative.

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