shortlisted project

The Fading Architecture - the Architecture of Fading. The Palliative Care Centre with Behavioral Addictions Rehabilitation Facility

by Jakub Grabowski from Faculty of Architecture, Gdansk University of Technology (GUT), Poland
Tutored by: Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng. Arch. Jakub Szczepański

Author comments:

The project attempts to find an answer to the question whether it is possible to stop the process of progressing degradation of the historic monuments in Lower Silesia with the use of provisional methods of low-tech architecture. The second issue is the role of spiritual architecture in confrontation with the expectations and problems of the consumptionist society of the 21st century. The common element for both issues is the topic of fading and the value of time.
The project suggests restoring the historic character of the site and opting for provisional repair measures in the form of temporary constructions, which will enrich the historic object and complement it - create a coherent whole. The key factor to revitalise the ruins is to bring back the users, provide them conditions to live.
The building houses health care facilities, residential space and the sacral space. The dying find there peace, addicted therapy (while serving infirm, working at the renovation, generating goods in the grange). They are supported by the families, medical staff and priests.
Both the planned development of the site and the activities aiming at the restoration of the monastery are the factors which integrate the users of the building, the local community and positively affect the attractiveness of the region. This, consequently, leads to the process of revitalisation of the immovables and the town of Otyń, as well as greater identification of the residents with the location.

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