shortlisted project

Industry in the City; The Noise from the Back Yard.

by Rico Strinati from School of Architecture, University of Limerick (SAUL), Ireland
Tutored by: Merrit Bucholz, Andrew Griffin

Author comments:

On the periphery of Limerick city there exists hermetic zones of social housing built in the 1950’s. Behind these terrace blocks are narrow back yards which are populated with honest constructions. These buildings take the form of sheds, extensions and workshops and it’s where these pragmatic inhabitants tinker, mend and invent. It is evident that these residents have a desire to expand their industries into the wider city of Limerick.
The intention of this thesis is to facilitate this need to expand local industries into the wider context of the city and to encourage collaboration between members of neglected neighbourhoods. The site is situated on the South-eastern edge of Newtown Pery and punctures the low income residential area of Prospect Hill. The program exists within the narrow space between the productive backyards of these houses and the formidable masonry walls of the former Taits clothing factory. A clear connection is made between the masonry walls of the factory and back yards. The architecture finds inspiration from the frugal ingenuity of its surroundings and thus the construction is simplified to facilitate future additions.

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