Recreating recreation – SRC Šalata

by Mislav Barada from University of Zagreb, School of Architecture, Croatia
Tutored by: Vladimir Kasun

Author comments:

Project description: Sports and recreation center Šalata is located in center of the city of Zagreb, capital of Croatia. Through the history it has been one of the most important sport facilities in the city as well as the country. Its present condition does not reflect its importance so the project recrating recreation a new life was given to this historical space. New project is based on rehabilitating the existing infrastructure with its maximum usage due to conservation guidelines and rationality of its implementation. Renovation and revitalization of this sports and recreation center in the heart of Zagreb has great hisorical and ambiental value. The project keeps the historical idea of open sport facilities connected to surrounding greenery and enabling its usage all year round by implementing dynamic flexible roof systems. Sports centre consists of open/ closed pools, multifunctional outdoor/indoor court, central stadium with skating rink, tennis courts, bowling alley and additional facilities. The new center will act as rehabilitator of this whole part of the city as well as the sport center system in Zagreb.

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